Late Night at Wheated, Brooklyn

PSA: If you made the oft-used New Years’ resolution to eat healthier, unfortunately this post is not for you.

You know those times when you ask “where/what should we eat tonight?” and you always come back to that good ole standby? That casual yet delicious neighborhood spot that has not yet been overrun by Yelp-ers or tourists or just the general population? When visiting a friend recently in Brooklyn, I had the opportunity of eating at such a place—pizza hot spot Wheated.

We walked over to Wheated around 9:30 pm and it was fairly empty, with most people hanging out in the front bar and only a few others in the back where the main tables are. Luckily because it was late at night, drinks were on their late night happy hour pricing. They actually had an extensive cocktail list (they also specialize in whiskey and bourbon) but beer was on the brain.

My friend suggested starting off with the meatballs. Four humongous meatballs arrived on a dish, topped with ricotta and parm. They were delicious and moist—and I liked that they were oddly shaped as to me it indicated that maybe they were freshly made by hand (as mine normally are—not perfectly round that is).

Wheated, Brooklyn │

Next up it was time to try the pizzas. These are not pizzas a la L&B Spumoni Gardens. Still Brooklyn—they are hipster pizzas. The dough is actually sourdough. I opted for the Flatbush—roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, mozz and parm.

Wheated, Brooklyn │

Our second choice was Vinegar Hill—a white pizza with mozz, gorgonzola, white potato, thyme, and a “grape syrup”– similar to a balsamic drizzle.

Wheated, Brooklyn │

I have been on an eggplant kick lately so Flatbush hit the spot. Vinegar Hill was interesting since the potato and grape syrup weren’t things I’d ever tried on a pizza, but altogether they worked and it was that tang-y type of white pizza with a sweet drizzle.

By this point we were the sole patrons remaining. Stuffed to the gills, we walked on home with some leftover boxes. Wheated was very tasty, and the perfect neighborhood spot for a casual dinner, afternoon day drinking, or late night pizza.

Wheated is located 905 Church Ave in Brooklyn. No reservations.


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