My Top Five: Home Sweet Hoboken

Hoboken—when I think about time living in the NYC area, the thing I miss most is Hoboken, where we actually lived. The cutest town, the best little bars and restaurants, the greatest views of the skyline, Hoboken is a gem on the Hudson. We loved living there and I wish we could have picked it up and taken it with us. Alas, all we can do is visit it periodically when we go up to New York, making sure to hit as many of these favorites as we can.

  • La Isla Of all of the restaurants in Hoboken, La Isla was not only our favorite, but most-frequented. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sometimes two or three of those in the same day, we could never get enough of this little Cuban hole-in-the-wall. They have a new uptown location as well, but I will only go to the downtown version it’s (also BYOB). Brunch favorites include the huevos rancheros and la papa, lunch was always pan con lechon, and dinner the chuletas or steak, although we’ve had almost everything. Not to be missed for authentic Cuban!La Isla Cuban
  • Dozzino Yes, Hoboken was home to Grimaldi’s (two of them) but sometimes you want that chewy, charred Neapolitan-style pizza and Dozzino was the place to get it. Set way back from the main bustle of Washington Street and with a bocce court out back, Dozzino is a great casual pizza spot with a variety of pies and toppings. The menu can change daily, and it mostly consists of the pizzas and maybe salads and cheese plates depending on what the chefs picked up that day. It never failed to disappoint.
  • Charritos Another place where I will only go to the teeny tiny downtown version (there is one uptown). Charritos was by far the best Mexican in town, but especially for the carne asada, enchiladas, tamales, and many other dishes not always in tortillas (for really good tacos, go to Taco Truck around the corner or Taqueria in Jersey City). Best part and one of the greatest things about Hoboken—BYOB. Bring tequila or wine and they’ll make you margaritas or sangria. Guac also made tableside, and it’s fresh AF.
  • Matt & Meera Matt & Meera reminds me sometimes of an episode Restaurant Impossible where they took all the good advice—a nice small menu, and all the items on it have been perfected to deliciousness. This place is Indian fusion, with some traditional items and some new ones, e.g. “naan-chos”. Also BYOB (sensing a theme?), it’s good for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Kati rolls and dosas would be our jam earlier in the day, but for dinner try the tandoori Cornish hen with spicy mango salad on the side.
  • Pilsener Haus It’s literally perfect for everything: huge indoor space for when it’s cold and/or game watching, outdoor space with twinkly lights for summer nights, and even a secret upstairs space. Pilsener Haus has a great, wide variety of beers, and excellent German food from either their menu or the grill (all the sausages). A hassle to get to (looong walk), but you’ll likely stay for a while so it’s worth it!


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