Other Neighborhoods

Cleveland Park

Bindaas (3309 Connecticut Avenue, NW)

Indian street food restaurant from the Rasika team, nestled in the strip mall in Cleveland Park. No curries here—try the chaat items and kathi rolls and pao. It’s an excellent option for delicious Indian food at a much cheaper price than Rasika. Try and make a reservation if you can.

Barracks Row/Capitol Hill

Hank’s On the Hill (1926 14th St NW)

I love Hank’s for HH, both this location and the Dupont one. The oysters are also delicious, as are the other bar snacks!

Rose’s Luxury (717 8th St SE)

We were #blessed to get an online reservation for my friend’s birthday to do the downstairs tasting menu. Yes, my friends, it does live up to the hype. The only thing on our tasting menu no one loved was actually the brisket (they had a better looking main on the regular menu) but other than that, we enjoyed every bite.

Sonoma Wine Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE)

We went here for a girl’s night out, which was it was perfect for. We all enjoyed the wines we were brought, they had a nice cheese selection, and the mains didn’t disappoint either.

Ambar (523 8th St SE)

This little spot has one of the best happy hours. The menu is Balkan–mainly spreads, dips, cheeses, and other Middle Eastern and Greek-influenced fare. I recommend getting any type of spread and/or meat platter–as all are delicious and the little fried breads for dipping are divine. Happy hour means only $4 a pop for various drinks and apps.

Navy Yard

Bluejacket (300 Tingey St SE)

This brewery gets PACKED after Nationals games, but it’s a good option if you’re not going to the actual game. The beer selection is solid.

Due South (301 Water St SE)

We went for brunch and it was your fairly typical southern brunch menu. The food was very good, and they have a bottomless option as well. It’s good for meeting people who need to drive or don’t live in DC, as there’s parking right next door.


Red Hen (1822 1st St NW)

They were voted Eater’s restaurant of the year so we were very excited to try this place. They’re known for their pastas, but we actually enjoyed the non-pasta dishes we had the most–including some of the most delicious pate. They also had a great wine selection, even bringing some diffeent options over to us mid-meal to try.


3 Star Brewing (6400 Chillum Pl NW)

An eclectic little brewery in the Takoma area. They had a hot dog food truck outside for food (it was actually really good!) and inside you get four tickets upon entering for tasting beers. We wee lucky enough to get some extra another patron didn’t want and try all the brews!

H Street

Toki Underground (1234 H Street NE)

Everyone raves about this tiny ramen spot as the best in the district. While we’re still holding firm on Momofuku for a “classic” ramen, we did LOVE the kimchi ramen. They take some reservations now otherwise you can wait in the bar downstairs.