Other Cities

New England/Boston

Townsman (120 Kingston St, Boston)

This restaurant has a focus on “counter” items: crudo, oysters, and cured meat. We really enjoyed our dinner here, which begun with a Boston tradition I hadn’t had in forever—brown bread! We tried some of the cold appetizers, a crudo, and some of the seasonal dishes. It wasn’t super crowded but you may need to make a reservation on the weekend.


Saltie Girl (281 Dartmouth St, Boston)

We LOVED our dinner at Saltie Girl! They don’t take reservations, but we only ended up having to wait about 15 minutes. It’s seafood-focused, with a large raw bar selection and several types of tinned seafood. We shared a delicious selection of west coast oysters, some sardines we ended up buying on Amazon later, the Hamachi, and the most amazing toasted gnocchi.


Proprietor’s (9 India St, Nantucket)

Proprietor’s is a farm-to-table small plates restaurant. If you go on the earlier side you don’t need a reservation. We got four plates, which was definitely enough good. They have a variety of genres, including some Asian-inspired dishes. Our favorite was a tomato dish on special—so fresh and sweet!


Nantucket Lobster Trap (23 Washington St, Nantucket)

In my search for fresh lobster we ended up here after a long bike ride on Nantucket. My craving was not denied, as fresh lobster awaited. They have many other items on the menu as well.


20byNine (16 Kennebec Ave, Martha’s Vineyard)

This place was amazing. The cocktails, which are all whiskey/bourbon-focused, were amazing, and I’m not even a whiskey drinker (I got one that tasted like a tropical cocktail). The food is all farm-to-table. We got a charcuterie board, which was pretty big, and a couple other small things to share and it was plenty. It’s conveniently located right by the ferry in Oak Bluffs.


The Seafood Shanty (31 Dock St)

If you’re doing the bike ride out to Edgartown, this is a great place to grab lunch. It’s huge, so getting a table is easy. They have all the New England basics, and we enjoyed clams and a lobster roll here.


Offshore Ale Co. (30 Kennebec Ave)

We stopped here at the end of our day for a few beers. There is another brewery on the island but it is farther out and this one is right in Oak Bluffs. They have flights for a great price and all of the beers were very good. They have food as well.