La Isla (104 Washington St)

Hole in the wall, Cuban home cooking that is the greatest outside Miami. Brunch is good, lunch is good, dinner is good. And it’s BYOB. Don’t go the uptown one, go to the downtown one. I have probably tried every single thing on this menu. All the food. Eat it all. Generally there’s a wait for brunch, no reservations for the downtown one.

Charritos (121 Washington St)

Go to the tiny downtown location of this place, it’s better. The fajitas are a fave, and the carne asada, and the guac is made right at your table. The tamales are also a hidden gem on the menu. Also BYOB but the margs they make you are sooo good so bring tequila. Usually a wait, no reservations for the downtown one.

Matt & Meera (618 Washington St)

This is such an underrated Hoboken place but we went here probably three times a month. Indian fusion, and some other random items. The tandoori Cornish hen is a must, along with the dosas, and samosas are also solid. BYOB as well and never a wait. Brunch is good too.

Onieals (343 Park Ave)

Of all the bars in Hoboken, this one really grew on me towards the end and we went all the time. The food is really good and hearty (stews and pot pies and such) and they have a really good wine/beer selection. They have brunch as well. Best to walk in and sit at the bar. They also have a late night menu!

Dozzino (534 Adams St)

You have to trek a little to get to this place but they have really good pizzas and a bocce court in the back! The menu is always changing so the types of pizzas can vary and they usually have a special salad or cheese. BYOB. Don’t need to make a reservation but check their Twitter or Facebook before going because sometimes they have private events.

Grimaldi’s (133 Clinton St)

This is your typical New York pizza place. It’s related to the one in Brooklyn. The original location of this particular one is on Clinton. The best pie is honestly just the margherita!

Pilsener Haus (1422 Grand St)

This is my favorite beer garden of all beer gardens. They have a large selection of really good beers, and probably my favorite food of them all too. I always get the schnitzel every time, and a side of spaetzle. The sausage grill is also delicious and they have chicken and other things too. You just sit at a table for service and the regular menu—walk up to the grill if you want sausages. The grill is cash only. The space is just awesome too and great during summer.

Bin 14 (1314 Washington St)

Nice little wine bar in Hoboken. They have really good small plates (including a cheese and date crostini NOM) and large wine selection. Have to make a reservation.

Taqueria (236 Grove St., Jersey City)

It’s actually in Jersey City not Hoboken, but I had to add it anyways. Legit tacos and very dive-y, thus it’s super cheap. If you ever find yourself in this area, go. No reservations so just walk in.