SoHo & Meatpacking

Rubirosa (235 Mulberry St)

Little pizza place that’s been around forever. The pizza is delish, it’s not too big but not the small size of Neapolitan ones and they’re thin and crispy. Really good rice balls too!

Estela (47 E. Houston St)

NYC hot spot because it’s on a list for one of the best restaurants in the country. Small-plate style with a constantly changing menu, mostly Mediterranean-inspired food. One of the standouts when we went were the sweetbreads (you must be adventurous). More expensive but not even that bad for the rep!

Osteria Morini (218 Lafayette St)

One of my favorite Italian restaurants and really tastes like Italy! Northern-style so not really any seafood. All of the pastas are fresh, they have a really good cheese and meat selection, and really good wine selection too! We shared a cheese/meat plate, a pasta, and an entrée and it was certainly enough food. The rabbit ravioli was almost identical to one I had in Italy.

The Standard Rooftop/Le Bain (848 Washington St)

One of the best views of the city! There’s two sides: The Standard Rooftop, which is mainly for the cold season, and Le Bain for when it’s warm (although Le Bain also has an indoor part open in winter). To get to Standard Rooftop just go up the elevators in the lobby to the top. Very chic (as you will tell by the cocktail waitresses’ attire) and the drinks are about $20 for a cocktail. But that view though, it is worth it! Go on the earlier side before dinner, that’s the best time. For Le Bain, usually there’s a line outside. Equally amazing view, this part has a crepe stand and fake grass so it’s more like a little French outdoor garden. You can get pitchers of the cocktails so it’s more affordable. Basically, go.

Santina (820 Washington St)

Southern Italian place under the high line. Very fresh, a lot of fish, good for the summer. Pretty popular so good to make a reservation, but the outdoor seating is usually open.

Bubby’s (73 Gansevoort St)

Jewish/southern food combo. Very good biscuits, and the matzah ball soup hits the spot! The best thing though is the deviled eggs!! Very popular for brunch so be prepared to wait.