Brooklyn & Queens

Wheated (905 Church Ave, Brooklyn)

Casual little pizza place that will surely become your neighborhood go-to. Unique pies, a variety of cocktails, and great atmosphere make this a destination in the Ditmas Park area.

Pok Pok (117 Columbia St, Brooklyn)

This is some of the best Thai food in the country. It is AMAZING. You have do a good bit of walking to get over there but it is worth it! They have a broad range of foods but I recommend the boar collar (it is VERY spicy) and the salt fish. The fish sauce wings are good too. They take reservations now so it’s safe to make one, but if not there’s bars nearby to wait at.

Brooklyn Brewery (79 N 11th St, Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Brewery is a really fun experience and you can order food to it. The five beer token deal is a good deal and then just order pizza or something and chill in the beer hall area. We actually got a middle eastern place last time and it turned out to be really good! The tour is free too.

Astoria Bier and Cheese (3414 Broadway, Queens)

We found this random little place one day while near Astoria and it turned out to be so good! They do a tasting flight that’s a really good deal, and the pretzel with beer cheese is delicious. If you find yourself out there it’s a good spot! Just walk in and sit at the counter.


This is also more of an experience but it’s basically a huge street food fest. Go with someone so you can share and just get one of everything. It has a couple locations depending on the day so check online. Try everything!!!

Ox Cart Tavern (538 Argyle Rd, Brooklyn)

Oooh those little gems in Brooklyn. This is one of them. Excellent burgers and atmosphere!