Tacos & Tecates at Mezcalero, Washington D.C.

If there is one food I could eat over and over again and never get sick of, it would be tacos. Pork tacos, fish tacos, beef tacos, all the tacos.

So when I heard that a new taco spot, Mezcalero, opened up in Petworth, visions of little corn tortillas started dancing in my head.

The chef specializes in Mexican street food and owns another taqueria, the much-acclaimed El Sol.

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

We headed over early one evening, which turned out to be a good move since it was empty when we first arrived but filled quickly. Even though I love Mezcal, beers were calling. We ordered a round while trying a tasting of salsas (yellow was the hottest one).

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

Some other dips were needed: guac (of course), in a little molcajete. Not a ton of guac but it was fresh.

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

Thick queso fundido with Oaxacan and Chihuahua cheeses that stretched a foot into the air, with a pile of spicy chorizo in the middle.

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

We tried as wide a variety of tacos as possible.

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

Fish tacos with tilapia, avocado, and a spicy sauce.

Shrimp tacos–a group favorite.

Carne asada covered in minced onions and cilantro.

Pastor (pork) with pineapple–my personal favorite.

Lengua (beef tongue), braised onions. Not super flavorful on the first bite, but easily improved with the spicy yellow salsa from our earlier tasting.

Crispy fried baja fish with cabbage.

Nopales–a type of cactus.

Spicy chorizo, carnitas, and chicken tinga all rounded out the rest.

I don’t there was a clean plate on the table afterwards!

While some specific tacos were not as amazing as I’ve had elsewhere (the fish wasn’t super inspiring and I prefer lengua minced), most of them were delicious.

Mezcalero, Washington D.C. │www.girlseekingfood.com

We all loved Mezcalero–from the vibe inside to the decor. They had a small outdoor area in the front, so I would definitely return in the summer to sit outside and sip some margaritas. We also only got tacos–but there’s a whole huge menu to explore!

The prices were also great–the tacos only run you $2.50-$3, so try as many as possible! And skip the guac and splurge (calorically) on the queso instead.

Mezcalero is located at 3714 14th St. No reservations–get there on the earlier side to avoid a wait.




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